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Formidable WordPress Plugin to Create Database Forms

Formidable Pro is a great gift to WordPress users and it can add database form functionality in WordPress website. This plugin works perfect for developers as well as general WP users. While a normal user can create database forms and collect data in his website, developer can create complex data management system using hooks in Formidable Pro plugin.

There are many WordPress plugins to add forms in WordPress and I have already told about ultimate email form builder plugin cform2. But with cform 2 we can not store submitted forms in our MySQL database and these forms are sent to email only. Many times we need record based websites and most of the people think that it is impossible using WordPress. Here I am telling you about a unique type of WordPress plugin with which you can convert your WordPress to a powerful database form website. You can create database forms and manage these forms.


Formidable Plugin which can integrate your database to submitted forms

Formidable is a WordPress plugin which is out of the crowd and it is efficient to create record based forms and we can perform reporting with this plugin using WordPress. So it is a plugin which is capable to convert WordPress into a record based website.



Features of Formidable Plugin

  • Able to save records in database
  • Create your custom entries and fields
  • Enable us to search and retrieve records on pages
  • Easy form creation using a variety of fields available and drag and drop function
  • Use shortcodes to add form in posts and pages
  • Create form from ready-made templates
  • Auto responder enabled

Besides there is much more you will find regarding this plugin.

Formidable Pro price might cross $200 in near future. So don’t be late in buying this most valuable WordPress Plugin.

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  • Dmitriy

    Hello Tell me please, is it possible with this plugin to make a form where the next unit becomes available only when a previous selection is made.?

  • tayuta

    Hi there

    I want to develop a school management website using word press. Functionalities I want embedded in the site are as follows

    Student/staff records
    Student Exam Results
    Online result card for every student

    Are all the above possible with formidable?

  • tayuta

    With your support how long does it take to develop a standard school management website with formidable pro?

  • tayuta

    What is the support platform? I hope its not via this forum because this is not real time

  • Tony

    I am building a website for my son, who is an insurance salesman. He will be using it to sign up lead generators for his business in which they pay $xx per month to supply leads and get $yy if the lead results in a sale. These lead generators are not licensed to sell insurance and are people who have a large social network of uninsured people. I want to include a database to track who is paid up and who submitted leads and which ones lead to a sale. So, now my questions…does this plugin include the database or do I need a separate database for this to feed into?

  • Manfred

    Can the backend of your forms also be a second MySQL database, not the WP one?

  • Raymond

    Good day,
    Nice write up there. I have decided to get formidable pro plugin to design a school management site.. I haven’t used the plugin before, how can you be of help?


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